Train Trivia – 2. Spontaneous Patriotism

Train Trivia – 2: Spontaneous Patriotism.

Crowd in a local train at peak office hours is nothing new in Mumbai. Many times I feel that ‘Breath – taking’ is a word more apt for the insides of Mumbai’s locals than any beautiful scene etc.

So, where breathing itself is difficult and everyone is carrying their own burden of tensions and frustrations while hurrying to catch the muster; it is no surprise that tempers fly high under such circumstances.

Though each person knows it very well that the one standing next is not pushing or poking on purpose, still, sometimes the discomfort does erupt in the form of a grumbling or complain. One thing leading to another, it doesn’t take long for an argument to ensue.


During one such argument, in a fit of absolute anger, one of the arguing party shouted, “So terrible! Such ridiculous things can happen only in India!”

That did it! Every single female in that crowd forgot her own pressures, tensions — everything. All of them literally pounced on that one female, who, I’m sure, inadvertently uttered the words ‘in India’. But that was sufficient to start a terrible tirade. ‘O Madam, take you words back!’, ‘Don’t stand here if you are not an Indian!’,  ‘Aww, if India is that bad, what are you doing here? Why don’t to go back to YOUR own country …wherever it is!’

That spontaneous patriotism really was a thing to experience!


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