Bang Bang

Bang bang……

Once again it is that time of the year when doors go Bang!
No….. it is no anger season. It is just rainy season…..and the season for the wooden doors to get jammed.
Science enters in all its curled up yoga postures to explain this phenomenon as – imbibition. Look, even the dictionary refuses to accept this word and shows up with red underline.  probably doesn’t know that it indeed is a phenomenon ….. something to do with –  ‘living or dead plant cells absorbing water with surface attraction’!  

So, come rains and the dead plant cells of the wooden doors promptly obey the science, dutifully drink up all the available water, moisture, water vapour — in short, all the possible forms of aqua and go the obese way, all plumped up.

The result? The door refuses to shut. Just like some irate, fuming toddler who refuses to listen to reason, puffs up his cheeks and throws a tantrum at the drop of a hat, the door, too, gets all worked up, puffs up and plain refuses to fit into the door-frame.
Why do these cells have this ‘surface attraction’ only for water, and not for their sibling cells of the door-frame?

And it is a community feeling. A single door won’t go into this ‘I-won’t-fit-the-door frame’ mode. The entire community of the doors follow the suit and none of the doors has any inclination towards getting properly shut. So what happens? The entire wing of the apartment block reverberates with bang bang of the doors. The neighbours who otherwise never miss a chance to get at the others’ throat at a slightest excuse, can’t utter a word  ……. as all are travellers of the same boat. Everyone has to just ‘wince and bear’.

If it stops only at banging, still it is somewhat bearable. But in case if the structure suffers from a ‘poor-construction-syndrome’, then heaven help the inhabitants! One never knows exactly which ‘Bang’ would open up the heavens ….. read here as ‘ceiling plaster, concrete, slab et al’…….on them! And this is no exaggeration! So each bang brings with it  –  a missed heartbeat, followed by a heavy palpitation. Then a suspense filled pause with bated breath, and if nothing comes tumbling down, then a huge sigh of relief……..

Ouch! There goes another bang somewhere upstairs and here I enter into the first step of the cycle. missed a beat, then ……….



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