Relatively a new entrant to this world, I am still wandering around wide eyed through the highways and by-lanes of this enchanting space! So many varied topics and such a vast, wide field stretched upto the horizon — and beyond! I keep hopping and jumping from post of one blogger to the next — totally forgetting about everything else.

Each one of the post that I read, I get impressed either with the entire post or at least some part of it and wish to mention it in the comments. An entire day (week, month….) may pass in reading, but the tremendous treasure of posts would only go on increasing.

That’s why I feel as if the blogosphere is like a huge iceberg . So far I have read only some of the Indian Bloggers, and not even touched the foreign shores. So I feel I have not explored even the tip of this iceberg — can’t imagine how vast the entire iceberg would be!

The more one reads, the more is the realisation that many skills are required here. If you have an expertise in one field, it can give a base to move forward. Only a passion for writing is not sufficient, a talent for writing , a way with words is very essential.

Recently I came across an article by a Marathi poetess/writer late Ms. Shanta shelke. It was about ‘Conversation’. In that two page write-up she had so interestingly put forth various types of conversation, how it can make or break a relationship, how – and why one opens up so easily with strangers during travels so on and so forth. She created something so beautiful from just one word – ‘conversation’, — like a magician puling a miracle out of nothing! Now that is some talent!

Some blogs that I came across, did reflect that expertise of smooth flow of words. Reading these blogs is a real joy — without using any bombastic words things are put in such a simple yet catchy manner!

Apart from a good write up, an attractive picture display truly makes a post go places. I stumbled upon some blogs which have such stunning visuals that I was totally dumbstruck! It was really a humbling experience.

And along with all this, a technical know-how of how to manage a blog! Well, so many varied skills required — Phew!

So, the only question left is, how to manoeuvre the ship (read it as – blog) around this iceberg without crashing against it 🙂



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