How I wish that my ‘Wish’ wasn’t this!


How I wish that my ‘Wish’ wasn’t this!

Weird? But true!
I am sure this must be the uppermost thought in everyone’s mind – Women’s safety! No one would disagree with this wish. And in spite of this, one has to wish for it!.
Much has been written about the topic. ( I admit, I too am doing just the same) But does it make any difference to the intensity of the issue? Does it lessen the tightness of the tense knot a girl feels every time she steps out of her institute/office at a late hour? Does it diminish the gnawing worry of a mother as she stands by her window, staring out with unblinking eyes at the dark, deserted road ahead?
Many people blame girls for creating situations by partying out till late hours. But all the females who return home late, are not out there  for clubbing and pubbing purposes. Most of them have to stay back at their desks for studies or work.
In today’s cut-throat competitions, refusal to work for the extra hours could cost them a much-required job.
A young mother I know, had to wait and work beyond 10 PM to finish the workload. She somehow managed for a few days. But when she realised that it was fast becoming a routine, she spoke to her superiors, explained about her small child at home and requested to be relieved at a reasonable hour.
The young lady was bluntly told that her personal difficulties were her own issues and if she couldn’t work late to complete her tasks then there were many who were more than ready to jump at the opportunity.
With the cost of living soaring sky-high, only a husband’s salary is not sufficient, so how could she let go of a well-paying job? Finally, she called her parents, who lived in other city and the retired parents shifted their base to take care of her baby and her house.
All they can do is, to look after the child and house-chores. But the girl still has to stay out till late and travel back home at very late hours.
Probably the bosses are helpless, too,  — may be they have their own compulsions and pressures to deliver in time.
For CA students it is a regular thing to work late, especially during their article-ship. Even after completing the degree, their working hours are quite stretchable and strenuous.
Not only these, in most other fields, too, the lengthy workings hours has become a norm.
 I have mentioned hardly a few things  — the problem is Huge! So my entire wishlist for Santa comprises of only one wish – A safe environ for all women!
[I feel it is a pity that one has to wish for something that is a basic right of human being. And that’s why the title of this post. I really wish that my wish for Santa was something —- anything, different than this.]
But has our dear Santa heard of this issue, living as he does on the remote North Pole? May be he has. And if he hasn’t, then let us make him aware of it.
And then, Ho Ho Ho!
Cheers! Let us hope that Santa would work his magic and gift us a truly


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


2 thoughts on “How I wish that my ‘Wish’ wasn’t this!

  1. Madhavi February 6, 2016 / 7:10 am

    It is agreeable that women want to be earning equally well and share the responsibility of the family. Then it occurs tyo me that where is the men folk sharing it equally. If she is busy then is it not the spouse who should take the responsibility and do his bit.
    anothger issue of finishing work on time or within the time is always a problem in India. Why should we not be more organized and planned to accomp[lish our work in time/ May be one should probe more into this issue. In any other country it is work within time , and it is true for all men and women. Why not in India. We believe that those who are working extra hours are supposed to be more hard working. I don't think so.
    may be it is time we have a positive approach of finishing schedules with respect to time.Hope it will happen.


  2. Savita Shetty February 6, 2016 / 12:10 pm

    Yes Madhavi, I too feel that our work culture needs a make-over and working hard should not necessarily mean working late hours.
    Thank you for your valuable words.


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