A Tale of Two Hearts

A Tale of Two Hearts

Broken heartShe stared at her reflection. Not bad ……. Actually, good!
Today she would have been the bride — but she wasn’t.
Her sister had taken that place.
How could he?
Just a few differences, some misunderstandings ………
and he forgot all that they had shared?
All the memories? All the special moments?
He had lost no time in sending marriage proposal for her sister — to get his back at her.
How could he?
But then, she too had been adamant, hadn’t she? Refusing to listen to h….. She quickly buried that disturbing inner voice.
So let him have his revenge.
But she wouldn’t allow him the pleasure of enjoying her tears.
She would deck up to the T in all her finery and enjoy her sister’s wedding!
She smiled defiantly at her pretty reflection and stepped out to join the rest of the family.
At the marriage registrar’s office, she missed a beat as she noticed him. He ignored her!!
Both the families gathered around the registrar. The registrar opened his ledger, read the details and called out, “Mr. Kumar and Ms. Jiya, please sign the …….”
She interrupted hastily, “There seems to be a mistake, Sir. The bride’s name is Riya ….my sister here.”
Riya pressed a finger on her lips and gently propelled her towards the desk.
Bewildered, she looked up at him.
He just smiled mischievously. 

Image Courtesy: Heartbreak-quotes, credjewellery.com.

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