Cosm(et)ic Invasion !

Cosm(et)ic Invasion !

(Please note that this article was written some years ago. I fully understand that it may sound atrocious in today’s time.)

The door bell rang on a windy winter afternoon. Still deeply engrossed in the book in my hand, I opened the door to a young girl of college-going age, apparently on a survey – cum – sales promotion.

“Good noon, Ma’am! Which facial cream do you use?” She fired her first query. No preamble, no introduction of herself or her company.
“None, I don’t use anything,” Still entangled in the plots of the novel, I blurted out the truth.
The vast array of fast fleeting expressions that my answer brought to the opposite face really shook me and jolted me out of my trance. Wonder, shocked surprise, disbelief and ultimately, incredulity; each replaced the other in a rapid succession. I am sure even a seasoned Thespian couldn’t have managed such fete in his best performance.
“Nothing??!! You mean absolutely nothing? Even in this winter season?” I was about to offer some support, in case she fainted of shock. But after all, she seemed to have been made of sterner stuff.
“No,” I replied, then added, “I don’t need any. You see, I have got an oily skin.” But it made me feel mad at myself. Why should I give any explanation? So what even if it happened to be the truth, where was the need for me to give justifications?

Not to be outdone so easily, she offered solution for my every objection.
“Oily skin? No problem, Ma’am. This cream won’t make you look oily at all.”
“But …. I don’t need anything.” I tried to stand my ground, “I’ve never used anything and I don’t want to start now—”
“If you try our product just once, Ma’am, you’ll never stop using it!” This said with an unshakable confidence any promise-giving, pre-election politician would envy.
“No, no….but….you see..” I groped around blindly for something — anything.
“Oh, take my word Ma’am, you can’t imagine how different  you’d feel once you use this regularly,” This could be my Granny telling me how her medicine would be good for me. “And within months you’ll see the transformation. Your husband won’t recognise you, so young you’ll look!”
Young? Of course! Wasn’t I the doddering ancient relic with countless wrinkles? (At that time I was around thirty)
But in the first place, if I belonged to such bygone era, then what was the need to resurrect me from my fossil form? And the bit about my husband not recognising me, well, wouldn’t that be the Prime Dangerous reason NOT to use such transforming magic potion? It took all my might to stick to my rejections.

Even then she tried her best with the tenacity of a true sales person, entire conversation conducted with an irritatingly patronising – or was that sarcastic? – smirk fixed on her face.
“It can be used as a fairness cream, too,” She persisted. I am sure this wasn’t said taking my skin-colour into consideration, at least I consoled myself so.

So many heavenly qualities packed in such a tiny jar! I peered at it with awestruck reverence. But expressing my total regret, I declined it as I was convinced that it wasn’t possibly meant for a mere mortal like me.
Ultimately, the ‘Angel of Beauty’ left me to dwell in my unbelievingly pathetic and primitive conditions.
That set me thinking. Really? Am I living in some bygone era? May be I wasn’t moving with the times, afterall. Probably applying various creams and lotions on your body, especially face, at different appropriate times of the day and season has become as mandatory and inevitable as, say, brushing your teeth first thing in the morning!
Of course, I do  am aware of these innumerable beauty products floating around in the market – you can’t possibly escape getting educated in these matters, even if you wish. The ‘N’ number of prolific commercials pushed down your throat via idiot box (and of course, many other media) wouldn’t let you remain illiterate about them. Well, the reason for my ignorance could be my (bad) habit of using these commercial breaks to rush to the kitchen to stir the curry on the gas-stove and save it from burning. How very unpardonable of me!!
Till this day I had not realised how backward I had retreated from the present-day woman. I sincerely hope that the sales – girl wasn’t too shocked to complete her daily rounds. Probably for all her next calls, she would first ask the lady of the house, “DO you use any sort of cream at all?”
Whether she asked it or not, I am planning to ask it as my first question in my own survey — A survey to find out rare specimen (like me) of the fast disappearing or almost extinct species!

2 thoughts on “Cosm(et)ic Invasion !

  1. Madhavi February 19, 2016 / 6:14 am

    The thought of using a beauty product is very true. Because, whether one likes it or not, it has become following the trend. Even when it comes to cloth line, it is the same. But are we not wearing what we like?So it doesn't matter what the trend is, (which anyway changes every few years) we continue to follow what we believe in.We wear what we like and makes us feel comfortable. It is the same with the cosmic(metics) line too!! We will follow our heart rather than the trend and the season! keep it up. No regrets!!


  2. Savita Shetty February 19, 2016 / 2:58 pm

    Yes Madhavi, we do follow what we believe in; and then sometimes it results in some funny reaction from the opposite person 🙂 🙂
    Thank you for your nice words.


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