imMobile (part I)

Lot many people must have already written about this and I am sure, by now there are tomes and tomes describing this great quality of the new technology. However, I can’t resist this urge to scribble whatever I see around me.

Looking at these happenings, I get pretty convinced that this thing called Mobile phone has some magical powers that mesmerise the users and make them forget the world.

Fine, if you forget the world, its okay; but please for heaven’s sake, don’t be instrumental in making other people leave this world and start on their heavenly journey. Call me totally ignorant or insensitive, but I just can’t understand this compulsive necessity to report second to second  progress to whoever is at the other end! Even when you are entering an overcrowded local train or bus?

At many places, a notice at the entrance prohibits use of mobile in that place. Shouldn’t this be a must at the doors of the local trains? The females (sorry, no experience of the male compartments of the trains, so can’t comment) simply cannot bear any separation from their mobiles and/or the person at the end of the mobile.

They keep a continuous commentary, ‘you know, I am getting in the train at this station, ok? I am now…’ Lost in their sweet talk, they get in the train and just stand there….. Woman, what about the hordes of others who are desperately trying to get in? They can’t manage to get even a secure foot hold. As a result, their lives are indeed in grave danger. But these phone-females are just not aware of anything — not a thing around them.


Someday, someone is sure to loose patience and push such passengers right through that train door. But Alas! It wouldn’t make an iota of difference. I am sure, they would just continue reporting, ‘ oh, I don’t know how, but I am back on the railway platform, flat on my back. Please hold on dear, I just….’  uggghhh!

The scene on the roads is not much different. People are so engrossed in their mobile conversations that they don’t bother about others around them or even the passing vehicles.

At a busy evening hour, the market road was teeming with pedestrians as well as vehicles. A quite healthy female, absolutely immersed in her mobile conversation, was walking almost in the centre of this crowded road, unaware of the inconvenience she was causing others.

People found their own way around her; but an auto rickshaw had no other space to manoeuvre around. The rickshaw guy kept honking, but how would it reach the auditory nerve when the gadget and its sound transmission continued blocking the passage to the inner ear? Frustrated, ultimately he brought his rickshaw very very close – slowly and gently touching the shoulder of the female. What do you think the woman must have done? Without turning around, with her free hand, she just brushed her shoulder, as if there was some fly sitting there — and continued her walk and   mobile conversation! I can bet that even if some heavy vehicle had knocked her over, her reaction wouldn’t have been much different!

There are many more such incidents. I am sure you all must have witnessed similar things. Please do share your experiences.

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2 thoughts on “imMobile (part I)

  1. magiceye June 29, 2016 / 1:11 am

    I agree with you. There should be a camapign against usage of mobiles on the roads just like ‘drinking and driving dont mix’!


    • Savita Shetty June 29, 2016 / 6:46 am

      True, the ‘Mobile talk’ is a menace for others.
      Thank you for dropping by 🙂


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