Poor, Poor Monday Tuesday

After the weekend, generally people are neither in a mood nor in any hurry to start the new week’s work. So, in my experience, new work assignments are not initiated before Tuesdays; earliest could be the second half of Monday.

Having nothing much to do, is a rare thing and most of the female brigade would agree with me here. Didn’t require much time to finish reading newspaper — and then I realised, the copy of the daily newspaper was so very thin. Hardly any material to read. 

The same newspaper  goes on gaining weight and volume as the week progresses — like some female who has suddenly thrown her diet plan to the winds and has started binge-eating. But on Mondays? Oh, it is perfectly sticking to its diet — down to the micro – milligram. Not many ads, no articles; why so? I often wonder.

Thursday, Friday onward the fat, bulky papers are full of advertisements — movies, theatres, eateries,  shopping malls, designer outlets — the works. Agreed, people would plan their weekend itinerary, say entertainment or shopping or eating out etc., beforehand. So the hordes of ads could be justified. But what about the innumerable articles? Right from an article about how to avoid bad eye make-up to how to master good parenting (these are just random examples — there are lot more quirky to downright stupid things written under the guise of articles) — you name it and it is there.

Truly speaking, I wonder about the actual usefulness of these. But then, may be I am ignorant or backward and all the enlightened public out there really do solve their diverse personal and/or communal problems only with the help of these articles.

Image result for free clipart images of newspapers

That may be the case, but then, do people need all these ‘helpful’ write-ups only by the weekend? Poor Monday, Tuesdays are like ‘dry days’: left high and dry without much reading material.

Forget about the newspapers, I tried to surf the TV channels. Nothing worth-watching. When I said ‘worth watching’, that automatically excludes all the daily soaps with all their various actual and/or mythical animals in human forms. Or is it the other way round? Are those actually humans in animal forms? Ugh ….er..I’m confused. Sorry, but I am incapable of deciphering these ‘strange’ (that is the mildest word I could think of) goings-on in the TV programmes that come under the category of daily soaps.

Image result for free clipart images of tv

Apart from those, hardly anything worth mentioning is there on first days of the week. All, even the mildly interesting things, are slated for the weekends or Thursday onward.

Then the idiot box mockingly proved me an idiot by playing the song ‘Aaj Somwar hai….’ Haan Baba, hai! Try checking the movie channels on these initial days of the week and you are gifted with pearls like Mar Mitenge, Jeene Nahi Dunga, Insaniyat Ke Dushman, Kasam Paida Karne wale Ki —– Happy?

So why this step-motherly treatment for these poor opening batsmen of the week? When everyone cribs about the ‘Monday Blues’ and how difficult it is to start the week after a jolly weekend, then is it not apt or essential to have something interesting vis-a-vis the media, to cheer up and drive away those blues?


Image Courtesy: clipartreview.com; worldsrtsme.com


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