Goal…… (tie that small stone.)

Here we are not talking about the goals in sports (like hockey or football). But then, there isn’t much difference either. The players in these sports, with all their beings, concentrate on reaching the goal-post. That is what counts even in real life.

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Having a goal, an aim in the life channelizes all our energies, our actions in that one particular direction. So, we can say that an aim gives direction to a life. Setting goal gives us vision and motivation.

There is a beautiful maxim (Subhashit) in Sanskrit, which explains the role of a goal with an every day mundane example — that of a snake gourd.

A straight snake gourd fetches more price and is in more demand in market. Therefore, when the gourds are young, a small stone is tied at its free end, so that the snake gourd grows straight downwards and not in a random or haphazard way.

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Image result for snake gourd


Image result for snake gourd

[In the last picture we can see that the ones which are not tied with stones, grow in random shape.]

If we keep a fixed goal in front of our eyes, this goal works as that stone. Even if our mind is distracted due to some unworthy object, this pressure of our goal (acting as that stone) brings us back on the tracks.

So, set a goal!


Images Courtesy: realmonstrosities.com; yourhomegarden blog; kew.org.


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