Need Of The Day – Relax.

Relax – the word brings to mind many images; something calm, serene, something that conveys peace.

No two opinions about the fact that, of late, the world as a whole has turned into a great roller coaster ride. With too much of competition in every walk of life, in every field imaginable, each person is busy running a mad rat-race — and trying to be the fastest of them all.

The result, as expected, is tremendous stress. And that is when one needs stress-busters and means of relaxation. Image result for relax

People, or the world in general, never misses a chance to en-cash on an opportunity. So, where there is stress, there are ample varieties of relaxation options. The methods could be natural ones – i.e. each one’s personal choice of practice. And there are many more commercial ones, sprouting around us with each new day – for example: health spas, massage parlors, especially Ayurvedic massage parlors, Yoga classes etc.

Different things might work as stress busters for different people. Some might prefer absolute solitude, sitting all by themselves atop a lonely hillock while others may find relaxation in the company of large group of friends or even in a discotheque with loud beats of music. To each his own.

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The calm surroundings have its own various forms — Some may prefer dark depths of a jungle, for someone the snow-clad mountain peaks spell peace while few others may enjoy staring at the rhythmic waves at the beach.

I for one, find my relaxation in long walks down tree covered forest paths with only the chirping of the birds for company. And I also love walking along the sandy beaches with the strong ocean breeze trying to oppose my each step.

Water has got some magical soothing powers. The Hindu scriptures quote water as one of the five elements that formed this universe. And also, 60% of human body is nothing but water. So it is no wonder that people relate so easily to water or water bodies.

Our family often visits a quaint little restaurant in a corner of Mumbai suburb. Apart from good food, it has (as an interior decor) a tiny stream running around a small stone garden. The soft, gurgling sound of the running water is so soothing that one forgets all their stress and worries and enjoys the food in a relaxed mood.

Just as the music of water, all other music forms (natural as well as man-made) have an instant calming, pleasant effect on us. Whatever may be the negativity, one has to just listen to some familiar or favorite tune to step into another, happier world. Whether the music is instrumental or vocal, classical or modern — each one has his own choice, but the music definitely has a positive effect on our mood, our state of mind.

Last, but surely not the least — writing (Actually any form of creative art, for that matter). I derive not only immense pleasure, but also a sense of calm and relaxation when I write something. Of course I need not elaborate on this point, as all the bloggers must be quite familiar with this fact.


So, this is how I try to relax. Would definitely like to hear from readers about their views.

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Written for the daily post prompt: Relax


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