The Deluge (I)

You start your day and the first thing you do in the morning is to check your phone. (Who says I am addicted to social media or the phone? No please, … is only to check my mails, you see). And what do you find in your phone? Many many colourful flowers (or babies or puppies or kittens or….some such cutie cutie things) popping out of each ‘group’ to wish you a happy day. 

Image result for clipart whatsapp forwards

But that is not all; as a bonus, you also get a ‘Thought of the day’ free with it — on the tune of ‘see a picture and get a thought free’. Some precious pearls of wisdom, like — ‘Be happy. Not because  everything is good, but because you can see the good side of everything’. (oh, do I really?) Or, ‘ Always remember; Everything is easy when you are crazy about it and nothing is easy when you are lazy about it.’

So you’ll say, what is wrong with this? Nothing. So, start the day with a good thought. So far, so good.

Along with the ‘Good morning’s starts the day’s quota of ‘Forwards’ and then as the day proceeds, they keep pouring on and on and …….on. So many! And what a variety! You name it and it is there. Sometimes it makes me wonder whether this is a newly developed or developing industry where paid writers churn out reams and reams of Forwards which are then used for flooding the Whatsapps of every individual. And the speed with which these get circulated …!!

Thus we get our daily dose of the good thoughts, ‘true stories’, preaching …… and many more things. Everything sounds so great, so noble, so utterly convincing and good. This then is followed by a round of applause — ‘Wow!’, ‘Great thought!’, ‘Soooo nice’. As if the ‘great thought’ sprouts from the fertile brain of the sender him/herself!

And then what? It gets forwarded further …. and still further. But does it have any actual use or application or even a slightest effect on its reader?

Picture This: Morning rush hour. The man runs, pushes through the crowd and finally succeeds in catching his 8.27 local. Now nothing much to do till the train reaches its destination. He taps his smart screen. Oh …..He is so touched and moved! (no, not by the train crowd). It is the oh-so-sentimental forward that describes how much the parents slog and take trouble and do so much for their kids and how during the evening of their lives they are unceremoniously relegated to the sidelines, or worst – to some institute.

The man suddenly pushes the crowd aside and …..jumps off the train, (Don’t worry, nothing untoward happens to him. Power of Forwards, you see), rushes back to the rail-station — to catch a train in opposite direction, that takes him to the old-age home, falls on the feet of his parents, profusely apologises for his past behaviour and takes them back home. And then they all live happily ever after! Yes of course, not to forget that then onward, everyday they all sing the Arati of ‘Jai Forward Deva’.


Image result for happy family at home clipart

There is still more to come (but a being kind hearted soul) I don’t wish to trouble (torture??!!) you by drowning in this deluge all at once. Oh please, now don’t grumble. Do you complain about the innumerable  forwards? Then do bear with me and tolerate another instalment of this 😦


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