A Welcome Change!

The other day I was at the billing counter of the local horticulture shop, when someone rushed ahead with, “Hey brother, give me one packet of ….”

I gave a typical ‘irritated old woman’ look and the stocky, bespectacled youth returned an apologetic smile, “You see, I had finished my purchases and left the shop, but then I remembered ginger-garlic paste….” I moved aside and he bought his spices.

The words brought a smile to my face. The youngster, carrying a heavy back-pack on shoulders and a bag of fruits-veggies in one hand, looked all tired and just back from his job. It was already past 7.30 in the evening. So, now after returning home, or rather his room, tired after a day’s work, he was planning to cook his dinner. By the looks of it, the meal wasn’t going to be just instant noodles or a boiled egg with bread; but some moderately decent meal which required spices and condiments.

I know, ginger-garlic paste need not translate into an elaborate, five-course gourmet meal; but it did indicate at least some efforts in culinary direction.

Just a decade back, the flow of thoughts (of the elders) was totally different. It was something like, ‘Why the boys should learn how to cook? After all, they are BOYS! Their wives would do the cooking!’.

The circumstances are changing and so is the youth of today. In today’s competitive world, the youngsters (both boys and girls) cannot afford to refuse a job offer, just because it is in another city and that would take them away from the cozy comforts of their  parental home. So in all cities, the working boys and girls are seen migrating to another place, staying alone or in small groups and independently managing their day-to-day lives.

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The one I cited was only an example. Every evening many such boys and girls are seen returning after a day’s tiresome work, office IDs still hanging round their necks, purchasing their daily essentials, some groups of roomies discussing things like which of their supplies were over and what did they need for their night meal.

Without shouting slogans or flashing banners, today’s generation is quietly bringing about a change by breaking the age-old unwritten rules.

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I am aware that this generation doesn’t require any certification or approval from anyone. I just wish to express my happiness that they are breaking the stereotype of ‘Why should they cook? They are BOYS!’.


2 thoughts on “A Welcome Change!

  1. Saru Singhal March 14, 2017 / 7:30 pm

    It’s a good change. This generation is self sufficient. Cooking, managing home, kids and doing chores – they all doing it all without help.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Savita Shetty March 15, 2017 / 12:32 pm

      They surely are self-reliant. Thank you so much for your valuable words 🙂


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