Taking Care ………

Among all the animal babies, it is said that the human babies are most vulnerable, helpless and dependent on their parents for a longer duration. They place their complete trust in their parents, so, shouldn’t the parents also live up to that trust? 

Of course, each parent, each mother wants the best for her baby, and strives to find out, acquire the most excellent product for her baby.

Our skin is our first line of defence, it faces all the conditions and stops all the germs from entering and causing harm. After weathering years of various conditions, sometimes even harsh climatic conditions, the skin of us adults becomes tough and tolerates a lot. in spite of this, don’t we often suffer from skin ailments? – the common one being the fungal infection of the toes during wet season.

Imagine, the skin of our feet is tough as it faces constant wear and tear; in spite of this, if any moisture is retained between the toes, it leads to irritating infection.

Then just think, how a baby’s soft skin would react to the slightest of the adverse conditions! A baby’s skin is tender, delicate as a feather, not yet exposed to the harsh surroundings. And that is the Prime reason, utmost care needs to be taken so that it doesn’t come to any harm.

So the topmost concern of every mother is how to save the precious skin of her precious one from getting infected and how to retain its natural softness. 

Trapped moisture is the prime enemy of baby’s skin. If our open and exposed-to-the-air toes can get infected, imagine what would happen to baby’s delicate skin, especially if the diaper does not absorb and lock all the liquid and moisture. In order to keep a baby’s skin healthy and rash free, a diaper that absorbs all the moisture, leaves baby’s skin dry, is essential. An apt example in this case would be – Pampers Premium Care Pants.

Only absorption of all the moisture is not sufficient, movement of air is also important. Warm, humid conditions inside a diaper are an invitation to infection. In such case, a diaper like Pampers Premium Care Pants, which allows the air movement with its breathable material (because of its micro-pores), helps in keeping infections at bay. 

Baby’s soft skin can easily get bruised, so if t he waste band of baby’s diaper is tight, it may result in chafing of the baby’s skin. However, Pampers Premium Care Pants with its all around fit, is safe on the soft skin.

The material of this product is cotton like, which provides an all around softness. Do we need to elaborate any more? All in all, Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.

And, this is a product from P&G — A Trustworthy Name to Honour Our Baby’s Trust in Us.

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