Uprooting the Deep-rooted

Ours is an ancient culture. It comprises of innumerable traditions, customs, beliefs and many more things. We are proud of our traditions and it is essential to carry forward the several traits that had been handed down the generations.

However, at the same time, one has to keep it in mind that times have changed, times are changing with each passing moment. So, everything that had so far been always done in a particular way, may not essentially hold true any more.

(Here we can state the example of of family planning. It was always believed that children are God’s gift and more the number of children, more addition to the family finance. But the bursting population and ever rising inflation rate proved this wrong. Now, in a family which is already below the poverty-line, giving birth to more children would mean gifting them a life of starvation, illiteracy and misery, at the birth itself.)

In the same manner, many old things or traditions need to be revised, changed.

Long time ago, the domains for men and women were clear-cut and totally separate. The men took care of everything outside the house and shouldered the responsibility of looking after family’s financial needs. Women took care of all the tasks within the four walls of the house.

As the bread-winner and care-taker of the family, the men attained more importance. Carrying the same line of thought further, the boys or male children of the family were perceived as future supporters or pillars of family. Thus they were given importance similar to that of the man of the house and were groomed accordingly.

Things changed over the centuries, but these traditions continued in the same way. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it is my observation that men of the family generally do not interfere into the matters like which household skills should be taught to the boys and which one to the girls. It is generally the grandmothers and mothers who pamper the male child as the future man-of-the-house and are shocked at the thought of boys as much as touching any household chore like cooking, cleaning or washing.

But they cannot be blamed either; because they are just following whatever they had seen, heard and experienced throughout their own lives.

Probably this the reason why even today’s working women carry the traces of these beliefs at the back of their minds. So somewhere deep down they continue to feel a slight guilt that they are neglecting their family and home — and this, when they are daily slogging in the outside world for eight-nine hours for that same family.

This is what I mean by deep-rooted beliefs or thoughts. Over the ages, these things have seeped to such depth inside the psyche of out society, that mammoth efforts would be required to uproot these and implant some fresh ones.

Now a great name like Proctor & Gamble has taken the pioneering step in this direction. But everyone has to add his/her bit to it. A mindset like ‘This is social issue, what I alone can do to change it?’, would not be of any help.

Remember the squirrel amongst the monkeys who built the bridge for Sri Ram? She didn’t say that I’m so tiny, how could I be of any help? She rolled in the sand, went over towards the stones of the bridge and shook off the sand to fill the gaps in the stones. She did her bit — and so should each one of us.

We are lucky that our next generation doesn’t follow everything blindly; they think, they ask questions and seek answers. They do not hesitate to change whatever they find is wrong — then let that be even their own mistake.
Small children imbibe and imitate whatever they see, experience; thus all the generations so far were blindly following the same pattern and were running through the same cycle.
However this generation works with its eyes open; they wish to set right example for their tiny-tots. They do not follow their fore-fathers and lord it over the house. Instead they strive to#ShareTheLoad with their wives, who work with them shoulder-to-shoulder in the outer world.  

So our society is approaching a new sunrise where the age-old thoughts and beliefs would be shaken off and the new-age man wouldn’t be ashamed to #ShareTheLoad  and help in the household chores.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

It’s a Two Steps Process

It’s A Two Steps Process

Earlier, in the co-ed schools, the boys and the girls used to learn different skills — While the girls went in for stitching class, the boys were taken to a different class-room to learn handicraft.
So, right from the childhood there was a clear demarcation between the tasks for girls and boys. And what’s more, they were officially taught that way.

Over the years, gradually the things have changed. Now the boys, too, have to take lessons in stitching a button to their shirt. These are small, yet essential steps. Teaching them to take care of these small chores can, at the very least, make them self-sufficient and independent.

In our society, during the growing-up years, a girl always has to listen to things like, ‘Stop fooling around with that phone or TV. Come in here and help in cooking / cleaning / washing. What would you do when you get married and go to in-laws’ place? Khaandan ki naak katwa ke rahegi!’ (You’ll surely bring shame to our family.)

But then, what about the boys? Don’t they eat? Don’t they wear clothes? It is especially more relevant in today’s age, when most of the children (boys as well as girls) stay away from their homes, either for higher studies or later, for jobs etc.

However, in some places, still the same old-school thoughts persist, ‘What! Why are you teaching him to cook? Or to wash his clothes? He is a boy and boys don’t do these things. He would have his family or wife to take care of these things.’
And what about the times when these boys are studying abroad or working in a different city? Should they eat only the outside, unhealthy food and send all their clothes for laundry services? Just because cooking, washing and all sundry household things are suppose to be only a girl’s prerogative?

But today, aren’t the girls doing each and every thing that till now only the boys were suppose to do? Aren’t they earning and contributing towards every single amenity and luxury that they, as a family, enjoy together? Aren’t they working under high pressure to meet the pressing deadlines? Aren’t they commuting through the rush-hour tiresome traffic to and from the office? Aren’t they sitting up late at night to prepare the presentation for the next day meeting?

And after facing all the professional hardships, just as the boys/men do — no escape or respite from the chores waiting at home.

So, making boys learn the domestic skills right from their school days, is just the first step. The second step is most important, without which the skills taught in the first step would only make the young men self-sufficient, but not a responsible family man.
So okay, he knows how to cook or do the laundry. But what if he returns home, just to relax in front of TV, with a cup of tea and hot snacks — prepared by his working wife?

It needs to be ingrained in the young minds that wives are not there just to slog inside as well as outside the home. We often see this unequal, unjust division (of rights and duties) around us — all the rights, are the right of the ‘man of the house’ and all the duties, are the duty of the woman. If a house is a home for both man and wife, shouldn’t the chores also belong to both of them, instead of only the wife?

But this is not some sort of a skill which you can force a boy to learn. This can be done only by paving the path, showing by action, without preaching a word.
Remember, not only your son, but your daughter, too, is going to be a gen-next young woman and could be the one facing such inequality. So if all the men of this generation #ShareTheLoad  and set an example before their children, they wouldn’t be doing any favour to their wives, but it would be only for the sake of their daughters, a gen-next wife. A father’s duty towards his daughter.

Young mind is like a sponge, it absorbs everything around it. So the best way to accomplish the second step of instilling the right values, is –> doing it yourself. It is not sufficient to just sit back and wish that the next generation would have better gender equality.
As Gandhiji said, 

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”

And, for today’s men it is not all that difficult to help around the house and   #ShareTheLoad . Take for example, doing laundry. Ariel, from the stable of trusted brand-masters    P&G, is just the solution. Ariel removes even the stubborn stains in just one wash. Not only it is a globally recommended number one brand, but it is your washing machine’s best friend. With Ariel, you as well as your clothes have no-strain.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.
 What about you?

So, aren’t we all going to take this step and help the children of gen-next, especially our daughters?

Taking Care …..

Among all the animal babies, it is said that the human babies are most vulnerable, helpless and dependent on their parents for a longer duration. They place their complete trust in their parents, so, shouldn’t the parents also live up to that trust? 

Of course, each parent, each mother wants the best for her baby, and strives to find out, acquire the most excellent product for her baby.

Our skin is our first line of defence, it faces all the conditions and stops all the germs from entering and causing harm. After weathering years of various conditions, sometimes even harsh climatic conditions, the skin of us adults becomes tough and tolerates a lot. in spite of this, don’t we often suffer from skin ailments? – the common one being the fungal infection of the toes during wet season.

Imagine, the skin of our feet is tough as it faces constant wear and tear; in spite of this, if any moisture is retained between the toes, it leads to irritating infection.

Then just think, how a baby’s soft skin would react to the slightest of the adverse conditions! A baby’s skin is tender, delicate as a feather, not yet exposed to the harsh surroundings. And that is the Prime reason, utmost care needs to be taken so that it doesn’t come to any harm.

So the topmost concern of every mother is how to save the precious skin of her precious one from getting infected and how to retain its natural softness. 

Trapped moisture is the prime enemy of baby’s skin. If our open and exposed-to-the-air toes can get infected, imagine what would happen to baby’s delicate skin, especially if the diaper does not absorb and lock all the liquid and moisture. In order to keep a baby’s skin healthy and rash free, a diaper that absorbs all the moisture, leaves baby’s skin dry, is essential. An apt example in this case would be – Pampers Premium Care Pants.

Only absorption of all the moisture is not sufficient, movement of air is also important. Warm, humid conditions inside a diaper are an invitation to infection. In such case, a diaper like Pampers Premium Care Pants, which allows the air movement with its breathable material (because of its micro-pores), helps in keeping infections at bay. 

Baby’s soft skin can easily get bruised, so if t he waste band of baby’s diaper is tight, it may result in chafing of the baby’s skin. However, Pampers Premium Care Pants with its all around fit, is safe on the soft skin.

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