The After-effect.

Most of the major Indian festivals are observed in our co-op housing society. So on this March 1st the festival of ‘Holi’ was celebrated by lighting a Holi / bon fire in society garden.


(This was clicked from the balcony, so Neem tree branches are criss-crossing across the Holi fire).

The flames leaped very high and everyone religiously enjoyed the occasion. A week after the festival, the Neem twigs and leaves began to wilt and die at places.

Actually, the damage was much more extensive during the previous years, almost half the foliage had turned brown. We have quite a sizable garden and the fire is always lit in the center, as far away as possible from the surrounding trees. And yet, the heat of the high flames dries up the green leaves.

Then what is the solution? We definitely should follow our customs and festivals; and at the same time we have to protect our greenery, too. So, while keeping our traditions alive, are we hurting our environment?

Need to Revive…


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Life is Precious 

This is what I genuinely feel and it is not said for effects.

If we can get anyone back from the dead, then we need to get back Humanity.

Incidences ranging from the tortured deaths of mute, stray animals to cases like Nirbhaya’s,  underline (in bold) the demise of this basic human characteristic.

(If we can get back someone, then it should be these souls who deserved to live a complete life).

To make sure that such incidences do not repeat, we need to regain humanity – and not just for a day, but forever.


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Weaving her way through the maze of cars,

tiny feet hardly touching the scorching path,

Fleeting from window to window,

waving flags of her mother country;

Lingered a bit, staring at the big cone of ice-cream,

and at the young boy enjoying it……..

His mother hastily pulled him back,

away from her eye, and closed window glass.


The cars revved up, ready to move,

she retreated to the safe harbour of her nook.

Pursed her dried lips in an attempt to moisten,

as the cars raced past hundreds in numbers.

Glitzy, shiny cars — always in a rush,

for more speed, more money, more comforts.


Lifting her eyes against the harsh sun,

squinted at the  figure up amidst the mad rush.

The lady’s lips ready to blow the whistle,

alert eyes watchful to catch rule-breakers.

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THIS is it!

No more dreams of riding a car,

no more wish to own it.

Controlling hundreds of them

would be more like it!


A slow smile dissolved

in the dimples of the tiny girl.

Brightened her eyes with a twinkle,

as her mind was finally made up!


[Children, even at a young age, are aware of their circumstances. They  also understand the futility of dreaming for the impossible and know the importance of aiming for something that could be achievable]

Amazing Craft!

Just have a look around — so many amazing things! Be it a delicate web woven by a tiny spider or the huge arch of a rainbow spanning the entire sky; or a dainty flower spreading its beauty and scent around or take the case of a minuscule plantlet sprouting out of a seed. Yes, I know, each and every thing has a scientific explanation —-

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But still, sometimes, doesn’t it appear like some magic? As if some invisible magician has waved his wand and ….Presto! Must say, our dear Mother Nature knows her craft truly well!

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Gone …. or have they?

Gone are the moments, never to come back again

and so have gone the days, months and years!

But every moment has its own memory,

and each  day weaves a different story.

The months and years bestow their experience

too valuable are they in their own place.


So, all these moments, days, years

are inseparable  part of ours.

They stay with us always…..always;

become a part of our being…….

So, in all honesty, ………… have they truly gone?


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