A Welcome Change!

The other day I was at the billing counter of the local horticulture shop, when someone rushed ahead with, “Hey brother, give me one packet of ….”

I gave a typical ‘irritated old woman’ look and the stocky, bespectacled youth returned an apologetic smile, “You see, I had finished my purchases and left the shop, but then I remembered ginger-garlic paste….” I moved aside and he bought his spices. Continue reading

A Good Match!


A decorative Jaipur tile coaster and a Malaysian tea-light.


A Good Food Match – Indian Style!


A crisp dosa with spicy chutneys – A breakfast combination that is almost a daily routine in the southern parts of India, but now it is popular all over the country. Together they make a perfect match!

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In Search of ‘Roots’.

Generally the books that keep you riveted to their pages are — the suspense thrillers. At least, I find the mystery thrillers un-put-downable. But I guess the suspense thrillers are meant to be compulsive page-turners and so, it is no wonder that all these books make a great read.

Truly speaking, I generally remain loyal to my pet genre, not deviating from it towards any other type. But quite a few years ago, someone gifted me ‘Roots’ by Alex Haley.

Just because the book was with me and at that time there was nothing else worth reading, so I thought of giving it a try — and within not time I got hooked to it.

Image result for alex haley

Alex Haley was an American journalist – writer. This book is his research about his family history and his search for his roots which took him to the deep jungles of Africa. This is a saga of how African tribesmen were captured and transported under inhuman conditions to America and sold there as slaves.

One of these was Kunta Kinte (from Gambia), the author’s ancestor, who landed at Annapolis and led a life of a slave on plantations. The story unravels the trials and tribulations of him and his next generations. At times you feel that you cannot go any further and yet, you cannot take your eyes off the book.

This book proved my belief  wrong, that only suspense thrillers make a compulsive read. (Later this book was make into a very successful television mini-series)

There were some controversies about the authenticity of Haley’s claim. (Later the author conceded that it was ‘fusion of facts and fiction’) However, here I have commented on the book only as a reading material — irrespective of whether it is fact or fiction; history or genealogy. And in my opinion, it is an un-put-downable read.


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Against the Odds!

One can find anything and everything in the city of Mumbai — except space. And so, a small balcony of the apartment becomes a mini-garden. But during the April of 2016 we suddenly had to lock our house and go away for more than 15 – 20 days. The months of April, May and June are the hottest months in the tropical country and it is not possible for any plant to survive long without water. However, there was no other way out.

We had a fair idea of what to expect and just as we had dreaded, on our return, we found the green patch in our balcony all dried and dead. One of the prominent among these plants was a Hibiscus or Shoe flower plant, which had given us many such ruby red, jewel toned flowers. During its blossoming season, everyday the plant would be adorned with at least 8-10 such flowers. So naturally we were sad to loose this particular plant.20151214_081833-01

Somehow, we just didn’t feel like throwing away the dried brown stem and thought of giving it a chance. We cut off the dead branches and only the stump remained. My husband had read it somewhere that moisture can be trapped if the cut off stem is covered with polythene. We did that and continued watering the pot through the heat of May.

20160528_092545-01-01          20160529_114252-1-1-01

The moisture was indeed getting trapped as we could see on the insides of the polythene. But there was no other sign of survival. We had lost all hopes but still continued watering it.

By June, it was two months since the plant had dried up, so no chance of any revival. Then by mid June, the monsoon arrived in a full force. And we heaved a sigh of relief – as we detected a slight speck of green on one of the lower dried up branch.


Slowly, very very slowly the green dots started taking the shape of tiny leaves. The entire process, from its dried up state to the appearance of the green specks, was painfully gradual. But the resilient plant did return from dead!


I do am aware that here the picture quality is not perfect for a Photo Challenge. (At the time, the pictures were clicked only to record the process and progress). However, these pictures tell a story of ……….. A Survival — Against the Odds!


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Dual Recognition!

This is overwhelming! Within the span of last twenty days, both my blogs (The Reflections and Fascinating World) received two award nominations each. I am truly thankful for the recognition given to my blogs. And my apologies to Susmita Mukherjee and Jyotirmoy Sarkar for the delay in writing the post. Continue reading

Amazing Craft!

Just have a look around — so many amazing things! Be it a delicate web woven by a tiny spider or the huge arch of a rainbow spanning the entire sky; or a dainty flower spreading its beauty and scent around or take the case of a minuscule plantlet sprouting out of a seed. Yes, I know, each and every thing has a scientific explanation —-

Image result for images of spider web

Image result for images of rainbow

But still, sometimes, doesn’t it appear like some magic? As if some invisible magician has waved his wand and ….Presto! Must say, our dear Mother Nature knows her craft truly well!

Image source: http://www.7te.com; http://www.reference.com


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The Deluge (II)

Hello once again! So, we were talking about the ‘Whatsapp forwards’ (I am not sure about you all, but at least I was). The variety available here is simply mind-boggling, to say the least! And the speed with which they proliferate! If you read one message or a video in one group, within a few minutes the same thing pops out of multiple other groups! Continue reading