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Life is Precious 

This is what I genuinely feel and it is not said for effects.

If we can get anyone back from the dead, then we need to get back Humanity.

Incidences ranging from the tortured deaths of mute, stray animals to cases like Nirbhaya’s,  underline (in bold) the demise of this basic human characteristic.

(If we can get back someone, then it should be these souls who deserved to live a complete life).

To make sure that such incidences do not repeat, we need to regain humanity – and not just for a day, but forever.


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Since Ancient Times …..

In today’s age, we all are aware of the Natural Resources — or rather the shortage of natural resources, and the need to use them carefully. Even the children are now taught in the school from a young age that whatever the nature provides us with, is precious and is in limited quantity; so wastage of any kind should be avoided.  Continue reading