My ‘Window With A (Green) View’!

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This is something I really like to write about – my window with a view, a green view. Though our city Mumbai is infamous as a concrete jungle, my corner of this metro is exception to this rule, at least till now.  I have already written a posts about the pleasant greenery outside my window and also about My Almond Tree. Continue reading


Journey – From Thoughts To Words.

WOW: 30 Minutes Timer To Just Write

(How much time do you take to write a blogpost? Sometimes the words just flow while sometime it remains in the draft for a long time in the quest for perfection. This weekend, how about setting a timer for 30 minutes and just write.)


This business of writing is an altogether different ball game. Yes what is said here is true: When you are least ready to write, ideas, words and what not – everything rushes in at a whirl-wind speed. And when you have all the peace, quiet and time in the world – Blank! Continue reading

Life is a box of…….

The famous quote by Winston Groom states, ‘Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get’. This is very true. There are so many flavours and varieties, all covered with chocolate, that unless and until you bite into one, you don’t know what you are going to get.

After walking quite some distance along the path called ‘Life’, when one turns around to look back, life appears like a box of potpourri or a mélange of many many things. (Unlike chocolates) It is not different flavours of a same type of thing, nor are all the moments/experiences coated with chocolate or sugar.

Innumerable diverse things, like – happy moments, sad feelings, sweet memories, bitter experiences, spicy seasonings, gentle happenings, harsh shocks and many more are randomly mixed together in this box of life.

When we glance around, even in the nature we find that the beautiful rainbow is comprised of seven different colours. As pretty or bright a single colour may look, but only when all seven colours come together a striking rainbow is formed.

Similarly, there are seven notes (sur) in music, whether it is Indian or Western classical music. Just like our life has high and low moments, there are high as well as low notes in music. When we experience a real low in life, that makes us appreciate the value of the high points.

A life cannot enjoy only a good run all through-out, and in the same way, no life would suffer only and only bad phases. Every hue and shade of all possible things are woven together to form the fabric of life. And so, in my view, Life is like a box of Potpourri…..


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That Day Before Sunrise….

Many a times we travel during night, or we are away from the comforts of our home for some work or the other. And the night hour gives it a special touch as we collect these moments in our memory box.

Years ago we were travelling from Mumbai to Goa by road. It was a night journey. After hours of travelling we took a halt at Chiplun, a small town along the western coast. It was just past 4 O’clock in the morning, still very dark.

I sat on a side wall, enjoying the cool breeze of a summer night. Then some soft tinkling sound drew my attention to a narrow side-road near the main highway. A row of bullock-carts was slowly proceeding along that way. Not much could be seen in the darkness.

Pairs of white bullocks with long, pointed horns were pulling the carts. The bells around their necks were creating a rhythmic tune. This was accompanied by the creaking sound of large cart-wheels. A small lantern was hung beneath each cart and it swung with each movement, throwing patterns of shadows around.

It was just a simple scene, perhaps found in any village. Nothing spectacular. But the fading night gave it some magical touch. And the scene gained a special ring around it as it found a place in a corner of my mind. Now, whenever I’m out at that hour, automatically the sound of rhythmic tinkling of bells rings in my mind.


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Once, on a rainy day!

Here are two different sides of the coin called — LIFE!

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She glanced around her pretty new nest

all neat and everything in place.

Heavens had all broken loose out there,

but was so warm and cosy in this nest of hers.

Wind crashed on the windowpane

with crazy whirl of lashing rain

she smiled and hummed,

waiting for him to return.

And then came the call, so sharp like that bolt…..

one more life had been claimed by the insane downpour!

…….Once, on a rainy day!


Image result for images of rain storms
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Darkness gathered and the clouds lowered on the earth,

the pain and the raging storm all began at once.

All by itself, their shanty stood on a desolate dot,

no one there to call and no vehicle around the spot.

Waves after waves of that killer pain,

hit her like the thrashing of the rain.

Helpless and trembling old parents,

only could watch in distress…

Cried aloud and she wreathed in torment,

but no help in sight at that moment….

Then above the thunder of the storm,

slowly whimpered a tiny little cry….

Fighting the odds and the elements,

a life had dared to enter the planet!

…….Once, on a rainy day!


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Out Of My Comfort Zone….

I had never imagined that I would take up an office job — that too, after being only a home-maker for twenty eight long years.

It was not a conscious decision just to break away from the comfort zone. But it definitely was a big step, because it is not easy to take up a 9 to 5 job after spending 28 years in the confines of the four walls.

Someone informed about a vacancy in a science academic institute, and I thought of giving it a try. Almost all the family responsibilities were fulfilled by then, so why not? Of course, only my decision did not count here. I had already crossed 50, so any employer would have thought twice (or more) before appointing someone nearing retirement age. Luckily, they too did not have any issue with a 50+ worker.

Thus started a new phase of my life — balancing household work with an eight hour job. It surely wasn’t easy. The house-work, purchasing daily requirements etc., which earlier I could comfortably spread over a span of 8 to 10 hours, now I had to cramp it all within one and a half hour in the morning and 2 – 3 hours in the evening. This, while managing a demanding job in the 8 – 9 hours in between.

Along with the time crunch, the other major hurdle was commuting in Mumbai’s notoriously crowded local trains and buses, at the peak rush hours. It was difficult, however, I did manage, not for just days or weeks, but for four years.

The job itself wasn’t a cake-walk; it would have been foolish to expect it to be so. Though I had a masters degree in science, I had never put it to academic use. It was not just brushing up my knowledge, but also to learn many things anew. New type of work, new people and to learn and adjust to all this new environment — each thing was a challenge.

At 52, I was the oldest among all (including the employers), yet I was well-accepted by all; but still, there was quite some resistance and feeling of rivalry from a few whose work profile was similar to mine. Some even tried to create trouble for me. But things changed and later we all became so friendly that now years after me quitting the job, they are still in touch with me.

All in all, it was a great experience. I learnt a lot, I enjoyed even more. Most important, this experience helped boost my self esteem.

I would have missed out on all this, had I not taken the risk of stepping out of my comfort zone.


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Resolution? Surely Not!

Resolution? Surely not!

If resolutions are meant to be broken, then why make any in the first place!
  • So the first one on my Not-To-Do list would be – No Resolutions for the new year! There! I guess it is working already! Well, well I am already feeling light, you see. No trudging through the entire year with heavy burden of broken promises — which I had stupidly made to myself. No guilt of ‘Why-Couldn’t-I-Keep-My- Resolutions -even – for- a- decent – time period’. Hah! That’s some Freedom!
  • The next one is every female’s favourite! This year I do not resolve to go on any diet. No detox-diet, no vegan-diet, no low-carb or no-carb or whatever-carb diet for me. Enough is enough. Aren’t the repeated, innumerable, half-hearted, unsuccessful (There ! I finally did admit THE real reason!) attempts over the years sufficient reason to add this to my Not-To-Do list? So, now I can eat anything. ANYTHING!! Isn’t that a great, thrilling thing? Whatever the end-result or aftermath of this — it would be solved with the next year’s resolve.
  • It is not my resolve to endure the torture of the idiot box – which, by the way, is growing more idiotic by each passing day. In any given serial, I could never decide who is the mother, who is the grandmother —– or great grandmother ……so on and so forth. Any given set of females looks exactly identical – age wise, costume wise, in every conceivable way. If these sagas of the ‘Supposed-to-be-COMMON-Indian-household’ were not amazing enough, their mythological counterparts are dying to compete with them. Just a part of a mythological serial, which I accidentally stumbled upon recently, left me wondering whether I had mistakenly wandered into Jurassic Park. Nothing more to say.
  • Another of ‘Not My Resolve’ for this year, would be – not to hope for any change for better in the prices of my daily household requirements —–namely, pulses/lentils. Garlic (??), veggies ….. this list could go on. Looking at those prices, I guess I need not fret over the diet plan. The rocketing costs would automatically ensure that my diet (and consequently, my weight) would remain in check!
  • innumerable things could be eligible for this list —- many things one would wish to add to Not-To-Do list. But I better stop here, or else the readers might put ‘Me’ into ‘Not-to-read’ list 🙂 🙂

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How I wish that my ‘Wish’ wasn’t this!


How I wish that my ‘Wish’ wasn’t this!

Weird? But true!
I am sure this must be the uppermost thought in everyone’s mind – Women’s safety! No one would disagree with this wish. And in spite of this, one has to wish for it!.
Much has been written about the topic. ( I admit, I too am doing just the same) But does it make any difference to the intensity of the issue? Does it lessen the tightness of the tense knot a girl feels every time she steps out of her institute/office at a late hour? Does it diminish the gnawing worry of a mother as she stands by her window, staring out with unblinking eyes at the dark, deserted road ahead?
Many people blame girls for creating situations by partying out till late hours. But all the females who return home late, are not out there  for clubbing and pubbing purposes. Most of them have to stay back at their desks for studies or work.
In today’s cut-throat competitions, refusal to work for the extra hours could cost them a much-required job.
A young mother I know, had to wait and work beyond 10 PM to finish the workload. She somehow managed for a few days. But when she realised that it was fast becoming a routine, she spoke to her superiors, explained about her small child at home and requested to be relieved at a reasonable hour.
The young lady was bluntly told that her personal difficulties were her own issues and if she couldn’t work late to complete her tasks then there were many who were more than ready to jump at the opportunity.
With the cost of living soaring sky-high, only a husband’s salary is not sufficient, so how could she let go of a well-paying job? Finally, she called her parents, who lived in other city and the retired parents shifted their base to take care of her baby and her house.
All they can do is, to look after the child and house-chores. But the girl still has to stay out till late and travel back home at very late hours.
Probably the bosses are helpless, too,  — may be they have their own compulsions and pressures to deliver in time.
For CA students it is a regular thing to work late, especially during their article-ship. Even after completing the degree, their working hours are quite stretchable and strenuous.
Not only these, in most other fields, too, the lengthy workings hours has become a norm.
 I have mentioned hardly a few things  — the problem is Huge! So my entire wishlist for Santa comprises of only one wish – A safe environ for all women!
[I feel it is a pity that one has to wish for something that is a basic right of human being. And that’s why the title of this post. I really wish that my wish for Santa was something —- anything, different than this.]
But has our dear Santa heard of this issue, living as he does on the remote North Pole? May be he has. And if he hasn’t, then let us make him aware of it.
And then, Ho Ho Ho!
Cheers! Let us hope that Santa would work his magic and gift us a truly


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