Thank you for visiting my space.

Here I wish to share with you my thoughts, my musings about various things around us.

I always enjoyed writing. I have a great liking for birds and animals, plants and flowers, oceans and forests — in short, Nature! Apart from writing, I also like reading, listening to music, cooking …. and all the forms of creative art. Small things like a write-up, a good read, learning a new art form or a young leaf unfurling on a house-plant, make my day:)

Around six-seven fiction as well as non-fiction books for children have been published. (Kunnu, the Cub; Lazy Mombee; Marvels of the Nature etc.) Also, many short stories (for children as well as women) have been published through well known magazines.


[Few more personal details – I have studied science (Research in Microbiology) and along with biology,  I also have a liking for languages. I went for a job (few years) only after crossing the half century of life. Now, closer to the age of senior citizenship, I work from home as a freelance translator.]

[My email ID: shettysavita3@gmail.com]