Since Ancient Times …..

In today’s age, we all are aware of the Natural Resources — or rather the shortage of natural resources, and the need to use them carefully. Even the children are now taught in the school from a young age that whatever the nature provides us with, is precious and is in limited quantity; so wastage of any kind should be avoided.  Continue reading

An almost forgotten tradition…Bhondla

It is still a few more days for Navaratri, and the air is already full of festivities. The markets are flooded with ethnic and rustic apparels, accessories and jewellery, specially for dandiya – garba, the local Kali temple premises are abuzz with pandal preparations for Devi Pooja.

But all these things carry me back in time to a totally different scene and celebration — that of Bhondla or Hadga. It is a Maharashtrian tradition and is celebrated over the nine days of Navaratri. Continue reading