The After-effect.

Most of the major Indian festivals are observed in our co-op housing society. So on this March 1st the festival of ‘Holi’ was celebrated by lighting a Holi / bon fire in society garden.


(This was clicked from the balcony, so Neem tree branches are criss-crossing across the Holi fire).

The flames leaped very high and everyone religiously enjoyed the occasion. A week after the festival, the Neem twigs and leaves began to wilt and die at places.

Actually, the damage was much more extensive during the previous years, almost half the foliage had turned brown. We have quite a sizable garden and the fire is always lit in the center, as far away as possible from the surrounding trees. And yet, the heat of the high flames dries up the green leaves.

Then what is the solution? We definitely should follow our customs and festivals; and at the same time we have to protect our greenery, too. So, while keeping our traditions alive, are we hurting our environment?

When Life Gives You Lemons……

I don’t know whether life gives us lemons or not, but one thing for sure, all these consumer product companies are leaving no stone unturned in providing us with the yellow citrus fruit – that too, not in one or two or in dozen, but in thousands. Probably they are worried that some unfortunate soul may miss out, in case if life does not provide him/her with lemons. So they make sure that everyone gets it in ample, from all possible sources. What a noble thought! Bless them! Continue reading

My ‘Window With A (Green) View’!

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This is something I really like to write about – my window with a view, a green view. Though our city Mumbai is infamous as a concrete jungle, my corner of this metro is exception to this rule, at least till now.  I have already written a posts about the pleasant greenery outside my window and also about My Almond Tree. Continue reading


The prompt says, any one annoying habit; but then wouldn’t that be like doing injustice to so many other special talents of our brothers and sisters (as in ‘All Indians are my brothers and sisters)? Wouldn’t the rest of them protest about ignoring them? We can’t do that, can we? Shouldn’t ignore the different talents displayed through numerous arts and crafts. Continue reading

Journey – From Thoughts To Words.

WOW: 30 Minutes Timer To Just Write

(How much time do you take to write a blogpost? Sometimes the words just flow while sometime it remains in the draft for a long time in the quest for perfection. This weekend, how about setting a timer for 30 minutes and just write.)


This business of writing is an altogether different ball game. Yes what is said here is true: When you are least ready to write, ideas, words and what not – everything rushes in at a whirl-wind speed. And when you have all the peace, quiet and time in the world – Blank! Continue reading