Temporary. [Weekly Photo Challenge]


Temporary colours beautifying the evening sky.


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We came across this statue of Mahatma Gandhi at a place of pilgrimage. A few things, like the silver color of statue, absence of any platform or plinth etc. appeared odd. We clicked the picture.

The Surprise part came a bit later, when the ‘statue’ moved. It was no statue, but a man who had applied sliver paint all over his body, put on the garb of the Father of Nation and was standing still as a statue for as long as he could.

Things people have to do to earn their daily bread!


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This is an outer fence wall of a temple (Sri Venketeshwara Temple, Bangalore). On the four corners of the temple wall, four statues are installed, to guard or protect the temple premises. These statues are of Lord Hanuman (the Monkey God), Garuda etc. The one seen here is that of Garuda or the Eagle, who is also the conveyance of Lord Vishnu. He is there to ensure the Security of the lord’s abode.

(The picture was taken on a rainy day)

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Gone …. or have they?

Gone are the moments, never to come back again

and so have gone the days, months and years!

But every moment has its own memory,

and each  day weaves a different story.

The months and years bestow their experience

too valuable are they in their own place.


So, all these moments, days, years

are inseparable  part of ours.

They stay with us always…..always;

become a part of our being…….

So, in all honesty, ………… have they truly gone?


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